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Land is a tangible investment – you can see what you are getting – but in addition you have the chance to enjoy it for its own sake, with the potential for considerable returns. Land as real estate investment property has risen in value by nearly 30% in the last 12 months and is up by 130% since the early 1990s.

Land compares favourably as an investment when compared with high risk stock market picks, making it an excellent real estate investment property opportunity.

Land which can be bought affordably can be turned into a real money-spinner if you get the right permissions subsequently. As an example, a plot of land in the South East, bought for £15,000, could gain planning permission for a four bedroom detached house. A builder could buy this land for £200,000 to sell a £600,000 house. This represents an excellent real estate investment property investment.

Land has some great advantages:


There is a finite amount of land

2. Land can increase in value in two ways

* By increasing property values, as demand outstrips supply

* By gaining planning permissions

3. There are strong possibilities of exceptional short to medium term returns

4. Any nationality can buy UK land

Recent government activity with regard to housing has made this a good time to own land. The government wants more green belt land to be built upon to increase the house-building programme over the next ten years. As other investment markets are feeling the squeeze, it is inevitable that land prices will continue to rise in the coming years. Real estate investment property such as land will shoot up in value.

The price of land has gone up by a multiple of eight in the last 20 years, with the most expensive land to be found in London and the South East. Prices here have been forced up by a shortage of residential land and an increased need for more housing.

In the medium to long term land can be a good investment, but you can make really big money if you buy land without planning permission and subsequently get permissions for that land.

So far, since it came to power, this Labour Government has approved 162 different schemes of development of green belt land. Still the shortage of housing continues to increase, with the shortfall predicted to be one million homes by 2022, unless there is a dramatic pick up in development. There is also a shortage of land suitable for development. A recent report said that an additional 70,000 to 120,000 houses per year would have to be built to keep pace with demands. 

These facts make land an attractive investment, and prices for land are expected to keep rising as demand for new housing continues to increase.

The largest gains can be made when buying land without planning permission, as the land can be purchased at relatively low cost and if the land is later granted planning permission large profits can be made.

There are obviously some things to look out for when buying land and such things as access rights, road infrastructure and many other things need to be checked out.

Land as real estate investment property has the potential to make big money if you do you homework, and it is also recommended that you use a solicitor when investing in land, to ensure that everything is in order.

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Real Estate Property in Gurgaon

Gurgaon isn't solely the 6th largest town within the Indian state of Haryana however is also a sprawling megacity, in addition as a growing industrial and monetary center within the realm of the country. The city, within the amount of last 20 years, has grown to an excellent extent and by currently has become a number one producing, outsourcing and searching destination on account of its world-class infrastructure at competitive costs and its strategic location.

Gurgaon is additionally witnessing an excellent increase within the variety of BPOs, KPOs and searching malls within the domain of town at the side of a fast growth engaged prospects and native wages, resulting in a mushrooming of searching malls, swank restaurants and entertainment facilities. This has not solely led to the emergence of a vibrant, cosmopolitan, a lot of affluent and higher educated population however additionally has stimulated the real estate sector of Gurgaon.

Well, constant image is prevalent at varied corners of India and Gurgaon has reached nice heights already. The rising company culture has given rise to the demand industrial of economic of business house and as a result each residential and commercial realty sectors are witnessing tremendous rise in demand and growth.

It has been found that firms, starting from biggest too little ones, are vying currently to require hold of acceptable house and for this reason the city-based property management teams are finding it troublesome to upset copious (also increasing) purchasers. Keep in mind presence of top-notch MNC's and Fortune fifty firms like Pepsi, Genpact, Genesys Telecommunications, Ranbaxy, Coca Cola, HP, Nokia, have intensified the demand of economic house to an excellent extent.

It's the time, therefore, to seem at the industrial realty sector. As per studies, industrial realty sector of Gurgaon brings forth trendy infrastructure and amenities developed by premier realty developers. These embrace Unitech, DLF, Vatika and Vipul. What are the prevailing property rates then? Well, they're growing with the passing of every year and it looks that the rising standing of Gurgaon can still build a decent impact within the realty sector within the returning years. There’s additionally a placing side. Whereas the giants are choosing purchase of totally furnished property to determine their bases within the town, little corporations have preference for renting company areas. This new side has increased rates of rent in and round the town significantly.

These days the industrial rental properties are accessible with necessary services security, information wiring, web connectivity, housekeeping and utilities and electrical provisions. For this reason, one doesn't have to worry regarding the initial investment for furnishing the property with basic amenities and utilities.

Lots of middle and high-end comes, underneath the auspices of realty developers, are continuing at full strength or intensity in several elements of Gurgaon property. They’re previous Gurgaon road, Gurgaon Sohna Road, MG Road and Golf Course Road. On the opposite hand, not solely upcoming firms however additionally international organizations have a preference for renting a property than shopping for it, because the returns in leasing or renting are money-spinning.

Buying A Property Utilizing Real Estate Agents

You'll find some individuals who think a real estate agent is not necessary when purchasing a house. The power of the internet permits somebody to check out numerous properties for sale and to go through a virtual tour of the desired property from the comfort of their home. But there's much more to buying a residence. You need to think about using real estate agents because they will often get you a better deal.

The real estate agent who has listed the property works for the seller not the buyer. This is due to the fact the seller will be paying the commission towards the realtor upon the sale of the home. Nevertheless, once you retain your personal realtor to assist you find a house the real estate agent attempts to meet your objectives.

If allowed by state law, some real estate agents will want you to sign a buyer's agreement. This document basically states that you simply will retain the agent exclusively to locate a property. In consideration for this the agent's duties is going to be spelled out. The rationale the agent may want this is that there is a lot of time and effort that goes into locating you a home. This will bind you at the very least in good faith to stick with the one that's helping you. It would be up to you if you want to sign the document.

So with that in mind, you'll need to take particular steps so that you are able to find and work with a realtor that will locate for you the property you want and require. You must talk to a number of real estate agents, including any that may have been referred by associates or relatives. Make a list beforehand of what you would like. You need to have a wish list of neighborhood, type of residence, square footage and lot size. Nearness to schools, churches, medical facilities and key shopping malls should play a part in your decision.

The real estate professional needs to be able to assess your desires and fit you with a selection of homes to consider. The real estate agent ought to be meeting your goals by only showing you homes which you can afford and want. An imperative aspect of this approach is for you to get pre-approved by a lender at the beginning. This will enable the realtor to focus on homes you are able to afford. It is going to give the realtor strength in presenting an offer to the seller's agent when the time comes. If there's more than one offer going on at the same time it shows you are prepared to close.

Your initial offer could be rejected at the beginning or a counter offer may be made by the seller, but do not get frustrated if this happens. These must be cautiously explained to you at the time by your real estate agent. Any counter offer needs to take into consideration whether you can carry out what's asked. You are going to take into account whether or not it really is worth it to get the property or move on to searching for yet another opportunity.

Once you have an accepted sales agreement the realtor will help in providing closing arrangements, entry for the appraiser and ongoing communication with all parties involved until funding. A real estate professional who's honest, knows the business and is an individual who it is possible to get along with will probably be a real asset for you in completing your house transaction.

Sell property Real Estate

No one wants to look at a home for sale that is not ready for the real estate market.
Clean up the lawn and surrounding areas so it is pleasant to look at. This is not as big deal with a quick flip property as with someone's home. But you would be surprised how much junk a home can collect during the remodeling process. A big trash run is the most important first step in making things look nice. If you have extra supplies, such as carpet, paint or flooring make sure they are clearly marked and stored in the garage, this is a nice bonus for the buyer, but you don't want it looking cluttered and disorganized. Make sure the property is in its best light, which will bring you the best and highest offers.

You should make the house look clean on the outside and inside. Make sure everything is dusted, vacuumed, windows and baseboards are washed.

Remember people will be looking everywhere: inside closets, cupboards and under sinks. Clean and sparkly windows are great and potential buys will love clean windows. You can take a look at other real estate for sale and see what the property looks like. When getting ready to sell or lease a property, it's good to know what colors and decorations are trendy. Make sure your color is right especially the color in the furniture and decorations. The paint and carpet should always remain neutral but warm and have the carpets cleaned and vacuumed.

It is very important to make a great first impression the better it is the better price you can get when it comes time to close the sale. No matter how good the inside of a property is, a buyer will have already judged it by the outside so keep the yard mowed and trimmed. Curb appeal is important; you can use inexpensive shrubs and brightly colored flowers to make a difference.

You can buy a flat of flowers and plant them along the walks and under the shrubs.Choosing the right agent to list your property is important. Taking time to seek out a top real estate agent in your area and then setting up interviews with them is equally important.

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