Property & Real Estate Investment in Hurghada

If your idea of the perfect holiday is to explore the mysterious pyramids of Egypt and discover its ancient culture, or relax on a white powdery sand beach and dive in amazingly clear waters, then you have to visit Hurghada. The renowned Red Sea and magical Sinai Desert are just two good reasons as to why Egypt should be at the top of your list of places to visit.

Definitely one of Egypt's most popular Red Sea resorts, Hurghada is popular with travelers, tourists, and the Egyptians, all drawn here by the same things, the countries fantastic weather, sparkling clear seas and first-rate scuba diving opportunities. With most people heading to the beach, the choice of water sports is broad and a selection of mid-range and luxury hotels and profusion of bars and restaurants satisfies all preferences.

The opportunities and amenities available, coupled with the climate and friendly locals, make Hurghada fashionable with holiday-makers and long-term visitors looking for property as a holiday home, second home or as an investment.

The popularity of this region has resulted in a considerable increase in demand for property in the area, something which seems set to continue for the foreseeable future.

Hurghada is on the rise as a destination for property investment partly due to its status as an aquatic sports center. There's no need to be an expert diver to appreciate the waters here as the snorkeling and swimming alone offer lots of opportunity to see the exotic and colorful marine life. The more popular water sports on offer range from windsurfing and kiting to seafaring and deep-sea fishing. Sailing and scuba diving attract thousands here every week and some of the world's best fish and coral can be found in the warm waters.

If you prefer to stay on dry ground then head to the golf courses, there are a number of them in the locality with an 18-hole course at El Gouna and Hurghada itself has a par 3 course.

The town of Hurghada was founded in the 20th century and started to see development in the 90's, when investors from Europe, America and Arabia saw its potential as a tourist destination. From being a traditional fishing village, it is now one of the most important places on the Red Sea and its spectacular beaches and long stretches of shore continue to draw in the visitors. The buy-to-let let market is strong at the moment and potential for growth encouraging.

Egyptian policy and rules concerning property in Hurghada are reasonably clear-cut in an attempt to attract investors to the country. The pro-investment Egyptian government is enthusiastic in its promotion to foreigners as a destination for property investment and offers freehold properties and mortgages, tax breaks and a straightforward buying procedure.

A lot of attention has been focused on Egypt's Red Sea for the past few years and major developers in property from the Middle East and Europe have invested in various large development projects. The town and surrounding area has initiated the announcement of several major development projects.

Nowadays, Hurghada is a place that provides its visitors and investors outstanding value for money, and there are still numerous properties presenting excellent prospects for long term investment. In Hurghada it is still possible to find luxury properties available at a good deal, a condition that is likely to alter as it becomes a familiar and acknowledged investment destination.

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