Kumar properties- Boosting Real Estate in India

When it comes to buying a house, different people have different criteria for selection. Some prefer location while others look for amenities. The Real Estate business is indeed a dynamic one. This competitive sector has witnessed various fluctuations over the past few years. The growth of Realty in a country is dependent on several factors such as economic development, GDP growth etc. Analysts have estimated a certain low in the real estate scenario in India this year. They say that due to signs of decreasing GDP growth rate and increase in home loan interest rate, real estate developers might witness decreased sales this year. However, those in realty business hold the right amount of knowledge and understanding of the sector and thus are capable of meeting such fluctuations in a planned manner.

Even at the time of recession when the entire world was witnessing an economic crash down, Real Estate sector in India managed to maintain a sustainable growth rate.

Adding to the effective structure of growth and sustenance, the demand for Real Estate in India is always high. The number of house seekers in the country is never so low. This ever-growing demand further adds to the development of the property business in India.

‘Kumar properties’ is an established Real Estate brand in the country. The company has to its credit some remarkable constructions in Pune and Bangalore. With a view to spread its reach across the entire country, Kumar Properties stands as a well-diversified value-driven enterprise. The brand is a recognized name in the Pune Realty Business. Kumar Pacific, Kumar Primus, Kumar Karishma, Kumar Peninsula and many other properties are known by the quality and delivery of excellence that mark the ‘Kumar Properties’ brand. Moreover, with the green building concept coming in, the realty business in Pune has witnessed a considerate high. In the present, almost 20 projects in Pune come under the Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment (GRIHA).

The real estate demand is increasing in Pune and the Kumar Properties Group endeavors to serve the demand by constructing world class establishments for both residential and commercial purposes.

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