Turkey Property To Be Hit By New Energy Efficiency Laws

The Turkish government has announced plans to raise taxes of properties found to be less than satisfactory when measured for energy efficiency. Every property in Turkey will be measured between 2011 and 2017 and any found to be inefficient will be liable for a higher tax level than those found to be energy efficient. This new law could affect both vendors and potential purchasers of real estate in Turkey as of next year, according to property experts House Sales Turkey (http://www.housesalesturkey.com/).
The news of these energy efficiency property laws came from Todays Zaman, the Turkish daily newspaper, in an article which revealed that all residential real estate in Turkey will be rated according to how much energy it saves, receiving a grade between A and G with A being highly energy efficient and G being the least energy efficient. Any property in Turkey found to be inefficient in saving energy will be forced to pay higher taxes in a bid to enforce all owners of properties, new and old, to do everything necessary to conserve energy in these increasingly environmentally sensitive times.
The thinking behind these new laws is that not only will property owners be forced to address the amount of greenhouse gases being emitted from their homes, but also that potential purchasers and renters of property in Turkey will be able to take into consideration the energy efficiency grade of the property before deciding whether to buy or rent.
In all likelihood, it will take some years before owners of real estate in Turkey will find potential buyers or renters being entirely put off by an energy inefficient G grading, but having one could mean that they will find themselves hit with higher property taxes from as early as next year, depending on when their property is assessed. When it comes to new build property in Turkey, the countrys Public Works and Housing Minister Mustafa Demir believes that the new laws will ensure that building companies will take energy efficiency into account when planning new construction, with the aim of making Turkish property some of the most environmentally conscious in the world.
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